WHAT IF …….. we were fooled?

I’m struck by the hurt tones of journalists and political commentators, reporting on Malcolm Turnbull’s support for fossil fuels, the way he has been blaming the recent South Australian blackouts on over-use and unreliabilty of renewable energy sources, and his snipes at Labor and the Greens for supporting more renewables, his willingness to give a green light to Adani to dig up Aboriginal lands and pollute the Great Barrier Reef, and so on and so on.

The prevailing story we keep hearing from commentators is that he is hostage to a far right coterie in his own party, so not able to push through his preferred policies for renewable energy and climate care ….

…. but what if we were fooled all along. What if the Malcolm we thought we understood was actually a facade – a political shell he crawled into in order to get the position he now holds – and what we are seeing now is the real man? After all, when he was a greener, cleaner opposition leader, his favoured route to a healthier environment was market forces rather than regulation or legislative support.

So what if he was driven all along by the money that could be made from renewables, and now sees more money to be made from promoting Adani and its greed for coal, its unconcern for the health of our planet, and Australia in particular?

Does that make us a nation of gullible dills?